Late Christopher Hitchens describes the Quran as being full of evil fairy tales that were unimaginably recycled, and for good measure, added: that Quran is plagiarism of the worst parts of Christianity and Judaism.

Quran is plagiarism

At Stanford University in May 2006, Hitch really got into his stride during a 90-minute talk on why the West needs to take the threat of fundamentalist, militant Islam more seriously and why religion, in general, is bollocks. This is old news by now, but for dedicated Hitchwatchers, our hero’s words are timeless.


Talking about what he described as “a civil war within Islam,” he told the audience “You don’t have to be paranoid, racist or a bigot to take alarm.” But, of course, it definitely helps.

And by the time he got to Prophet Muhammad, Hitch was in full flow. “Of course, he’s not a prophet,” he said. “He’s an epileptic plagiarist.”

For the infidels in the crowd, it was all good stand-up entertainment, and offending other people’s religious sensibilities is not yet illegal in the State of California. Moreover, both Monty Python and Hitch himself have treated the Christers worse, and Ruhollah Khomeini’s fatwa against Salman Rushdie still rankles after all these years.


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Muslim converts and reverts, the Quran is a rip-off of the Bible, Torah and other pre-Islamic text. The Quran is just hearsay spread down the line from others. Muhammad’s own early followers plagiarized large sections of the Bible and the Jewish Torah, even old Indian and Persian text to create the Quran. Noted Atheist Christopher Hitchens explains how the Koran text was basically stolen from the other religions and is really a mixed up and corrupted version of several. Before Islam, besides the pagan religion, which Muhammad worshipped early in his life, there was a large Christian and Jewish community in Saudi Arabia. Muhammad just took the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah and plagiarized text from those books to create the Quran.

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2 thoughts on “Quran is plagiarism – Christopher Hitchens”

  1. you have no right to say anything about Islam. This post shows that you spend your life in the forests. Remove this video and the cartoons which represents Islamic figures. I am giving you last warning. I will report you for this.

  2. if the quran is copied from the bible why were the mistakes in the bible not copied into the quran? the bible says the earth is flat but the quran says earth is round, the bible says noah’s ark rested on mount ararat but mount ararat is a recent geological information. the bible says that the earth is about 6000 years old but science confirms that it has been around for 5000 million years. the bible says that suna and moon were created after the earth but this is in conflict with modern science.

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